Procedimiento de enajenación de solares en los Polígonos de Felanitx, Artà y Petra y tres parcelas rústicas.
Plazo para presentación de ofertas hasta el 28 de Enero de 2020.
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Situated in the des Cos area, to the east of Petra town, between the "Camí des Cos" local road and the Santa Margalida road (Ma 3340).

All the available plots are for isolated structure. Development received by Petra Town Council.

Construction rules and bylaws as given in attached documentation. Authorized uses: industrial, social civic amenities and complementary activities and facilities.

Also available is a plot suitable for housing of the low-density type as per the attached rules.

  • 2,393 m2
  • Location

    To the east of Petra town

  • Services

    It has all utilities available in the public roadway outside the plot: drinking water, sewer pipe, drainage, low voltage, possibility of medium voltage, telephony and street lighting. All the infrastructural networks have been transferred to the utility companies or, as appropriate, Petra Town Council.


  • Plan of plots

    Plan of plots (click the image for full size)

Layout plan